TNA Slammiversary 2014


The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall Von Erich) vs ??? 

Tonight for the first time on National television the continuation of the Von Erich family will get the opportunity to show what they have to offer and what they have learned thus far in their short wrestling careers. It's hard to say much about a match when we don't know the opponents for the match, with that being said either way I think them being in Dallas it's almost academic that the Von Erich boys will win. 


(c) Angelina Love vs Gail Kim 

Though I am not entirely sure things are finished between Love & Madison Rayne it seems like things maybe getting started with Madison and Brittney to keep Madison busy for the time being. However I don't really see Angelina dropping the title just yet, I think they have more to do with her as champion. Love retains the title tonight. 

Austin Aries vs Kenny King 


These two guys know each other very well from their days working together in ROH as a stable with Rhett Titus so hopefully their chemistry has the opportunity to show off in the ring. Since this is one of the matches which the winner moves into the World Title match, I think it goes one of two ways both heels winning to stack the odds against EY or one heel winning and a good guy winning the other. Well I am going with one heel and one good guy and that's why I think Aries wins this because it seems like King is some what the fall guys of the 3 of them in that group. 


5 way X-Division Title Ladder Match


In my opinion this match indicates just how weak not only the TNA Tag Team division is but also how weak the X-Division is considering the fact that former Tag Champions The Wolves are apart of this match. Considering the fact that TNA gave Sanada the title to go back to the old school style of the X-Division I think it's to soon to take the title off of him and give it to someone else so Sanada will win. 


Willow vs Magnus 

Because of how stacked the upper part of the card is already this match doesn't have to be anything to special but because Jeff Hardy is in it, it will be somewhat special because Jeff is usually one of those people who show up on a big with their A game. Considering I am aware how the feud has really gone thus far I am just going to take a guess and say, that Willow gets the win over Magnus. 


Samoa Joe vs Bobby Lashley 

This will be one of the more hard hitting matches on the show next of course Anderson vs Storm and Ray vs EC3, but it will be hard hitting none the less. Keeping this short since I gave an explanation earlier with the Aries vs King match I will just say that Lashley will win this match and move into the Main Event. 


Bully Ray vs Ethan Carter III 

This match is a really big test for the young upstart from the "Carter Family" can he overcome the veteran and remain unbeaten in TNA or will he finally come up short. I think in order to continue to build tension between MVP and Dixie they should have a pissed off Kenny King run-in and cost EC3 the match which he would have well at hand at the time. Which means I am going with Bully Ray winning and beating up King before the end of the match. 



Mr. Anderson vs James Storm 

I have to say last week when Anderson came out dressed like Storm that I haven't been that entertain by something that was done on a TNA show for a long time. It was very entertaining as was the brawl that followed. Logic says that after being beaten down on Impact Anderson deserves retribution but TNA is usually the opposite of logical, so I don't know if Anderson winning is what they will do. But either way I am going with my gut and that says to pick Anderson to win this match.


Steel Cage 3 Way Match:
(c) Eric Young vs ??? vs ???

As seen earlier in the predictions the matches between Austin Aries vs Kenny King & Joe vs Lashley are qualifying matches to the Main Event, because of the fact that MVP who originally was pegged to face EY tonight was to injured to wrestle. It is hard to predict about this match though because of the fact that the challengers are unknown at this point. However, I think that it doesn't matter who Eric faces tonight, I believe that either way he will walk out with the World Title.