This time last year it seemed like TNA finally righted the ship and had a really good direction for the company, though they made some questionable signings. The signings were all for the purpose of helping the company gain some much needed exposure in the mainstream. However, those signings of former/current MMA stars have done next to nothing to help the company gain exposure. All three of the signings have done very little to help the company and has made the company foot the bill for 3 guys who maybe shouldn't have been working for them to begin with. The MMA stars that I am referring to are Tito Ortiz, Ramage Jackson, & King Mo Lawal. All of these guys have done very little or nothing to help TNA to gain any exposure, but whose fault is it well honestly I blame TNA for giving them the contracts in the first place. Because if they had no plans to have them help the company then TNA shouldn't have offered the contracts. Within the last week I can only assume former TNA Star and Current Bellator fighter Ramage Jackson ripped TNA Management in an interview with, Fight Nerd. 

An Excerpt from the interview is below:

Rampage on if he plans on Working For TNA again: “To be honest, as soon as I went over there and saw their operation and how they ran things, there were no plans for me to go back. I was supposed to wrestle Kurt Angle and they lost all momentum. They didn’t utilize me in any way, I gave them a couple ideas on how to utilize me and they wanted me to wrestle professional [MMA] fighters." 



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