Here we go again with another video that I thought of sharing with you guys and gals here. This video is a very good & competitive match between two great athletes Chris Candido vs Amazing Red. Chris by far is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time and one of the most underrated guys ever to be in the business, I feel like Chris never really got a fair shake in any company outside of ECW. Sadly Chris left us to soon when he passed away from a blood clot in the Spring of 2005 at the very young age of only 33 years old, Chris was survived by his girlfriend Sunny aka Tammy Sytch, his parents, & brother Johnny Candido. Chris is one of those guys on the list of really good guys that I have not heard one bad word said about them from anyone in the business. He was a great man, great friend, & an incredible athlete; Chris to this day his sorely missed by his friends, family and the fans who had the honor to see him work in the ring. RIP Chris Candido.
Now a quick overview of Amazing Red, he is one of the more well known luchadors in wrestling today thanks in part to his two stints in TNA Wrestling. Red is now some what of a staple on the indy circuit competeting in various independent companies all over the east coast and in other parts of the US. I have to say there are very few guys I know of in wrestling that can do what Red can do in the ring. Go Red Go

Now on to the match, enjoy this great show of athletic ability: