People I am sure have seen various unique movies & documentary focused on certain things that have transpired in the wrestling business to wrestlers. After WCW & ECW went out of business the wrestling business encountered a time that it hadn't seen in a very long time and that time was when a lot of small companies were in business all over the world. Once the talent was on free agency there was nothing preventing an age of new wrestling to arrive in the US and it began in around the period of 2000-2002. In todays post we will be looking at a video I found after doing some digging that focuses on the Independent Circuit of 2004, instead of continuing to talk I will let the documentary to my talking for me. Enjoy the Documentary featured below:


Author's Note: Relating to a former Indy wrestling & one former/current WWE superstar who has been in the conversation since last night on whether he will return to WWE tonight or not. Various other wrestlers have stated their opinions on the situation while some say he will be here others say he won't be, the only way we can really find out is by tuning in. Formulate your own opinion don't always depend on the internet wrestling sites to make up your mind for you; if you think Punk will here then believe and if not then believe it. You have the power to make up your own mind and form your own opinion.

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