Over the course of the last few months numerous top indy stars have had their last shows in the respective companies before leaving and going to the WWE. One of those people were a top star from the American independent circuit and a former World Champion in every company he went his name is Kevin Steen. Many people said that Kevin could never make in WWE or that he shouldn't join WWE because they would change Kevin. However, looking at it from a different point of view Kevin is just doing what everyone always does in wrestling and that is staying a step ahead of the curve or changing with the times. By the way if your a true fan of Kevin Steen then it shouldn't matter were he is it should just matter that he loves what he does and that he is still doing for the people that sit in the crowd and watch him work. 


Below is a video from his last ROH Show: 






I just want to add that I haven't forgotten that I said I will answer the same questions asked the fan. I will in the coming days begin to answer said questions on the site.