Unlike most other sports Pro-Wrestling doesn't have a Hall of Fame that most fans know about, I am aware of the HOF in upstate New York but fans are unaware of it because nobody is ever talking about it. Which is why sadly the history of wrestling has been relatively lost on the new generations and will continue to be lost until a Hall of Fame or a way to remember the past is created. The only company that has a rich enough history and actual members to make a Hall of Fame is WWE and they are attempting to begin playing one depending on the cable contract they choose this year. But I will be taking matters into my own hands that from now until Wrestlemania I will be doing weekly posts about looking back on the history of wrestling and help the new generation better understand the past. Well start today with something of a hot topic and that is people always claiming someone stole someone else's move, well that happens all the time and has been happening for years and will continue to happen in wrestling. But I will be helping today because I found a video which shows certain moves being done by the wrestlers who orignated them.

Enjoy The Video: