Terry Funk

Good in the ring

Good on the Mic

Terry didn't start getting noticed until he joined the NWA with his brother Dory in 1968 and Terry first big success came in 1975 when he won the NWA World Title from Jack Briscoe. During this era Terry became a big star in many North American territories from New York to Memphis to Amarillo to Florida to many others. One of Terry's greatest rivals during the 1980's was Jerry the king Lawler who he fought in bloody feud during his time in Memphis. Including an empty arena match. Also worth noting Terry never won another NWA World title. But he did have one of the best I-Quit matches ever while a part of WCW against Ric Flair.  (Flair vs Funk I-Quit below)

Terry has been everywhere a wrestler could go from North America to Japan it's fair to say Terry has done it all. Even being a Hall of Famer in which he was inducted into the Cauliflower Alley Club Hall of Fame in 2005 and the Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004. Who could also forget Terry's induction in 2009 into the WWE Hall of Fame. Also in many ways Funk is a found father of not only Hardcore Wrestling but ECW as he reputation helped ECW get on the map. Terry is known for retiring the un-retiring which seems to have happened again because Terry, 2 years ago said he had is last match but now it seems it will be coming out of retirement to face Mil Mascaras at WLW show in August. Terry is a perfect example of how hard it is to stop doing something that you have a passion for and have done for almost 50 years.