With the success of other blog series in the past I figured this would be a good idea to do another one. In this blog series I will look back at past television from other wrestling companies that I can find. I thought with the fact that so many past editions of wrestling television shows are on YouTube so I thought why not use them.

The first edition of this series will see me taking us back to May 24 1999, aka RAW is Owen. A little background into the show:

  • For those unaware this show is a tribute show to the late Owen Hart who passed away tragically the night before.
  • This show is by far one of the most genuinely emotional Monday Night Raw's of all time.
  • Truthfully the matches aren't anything special but it's the overall emotion everyone who is fighting on the show has and the small tributes they give to Owen.
  • In 15 years of being a wrestling fan I have heard a lot about a lot of good things and bad things about a lot of people. All I have found out about Owen is he was a one of the nicest, funniest, & genuine guys in the business. Also he was a great father & husband, and even after all of these years Owen is still Missed by fans everywhere. RIP Owen Hart "Never leave home without telling those your love how you feel" - Jerry Lawler (What I learned from Owen)


RIP Owen Hart You Maybe Gone but You'll be Forgotten & You Will in the Hall of Fame one day.