For this edition of the Retro Show we go back about 9 years ago to be more specific we go back to the November 15 2005 episode of Monday Night RAW. This show is a very special show to not only many fans but to also many wrestlers as on this night WWE did a tribute show for WWE Legend Eddie Guerrero who had passed away 24 hours before. Eddie did have issues with substance abuse but had just gotten clean a few month before which makes the story even sadder, Eddie was a great man, friend, mentor, father, and a very entertaining wrestler. Eddie is on a very short list of wrestlers who nobody can say a bad word about because of the type of guy Eddie was both in and out of the ring, even 9 years later Eddie is still sorely missed by all the knew him and loved him. 

This show is one of if not my favorite episode of RAW ever in 15 years of being a wrestling fan, because this is one of the only times in my time as a fan that I was choking back tears. I grew up watching Eddie and from the time I found out about his passing to watching the show it was almost a surreal feeling of he is to young to die. Let me speak on the show a little by saying that this show was a very touching and nice tribute to a great wrestler in "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero. If you have never seen this Great show feel free to take a look at the video below: