The last edition of Monday Nitro may have actually run yesterday back in 2001, and I apologize for being a day late but I will still document this momentous day in wrestling history. Because on March 26 2001 the wrestling changed forever as we found out on Monday Night Raw that night that Vince McMahon had bought his competition and had won the Monday Night Wars. It was on that night that not only one of the greatest battles in the history of this sport ended but also in many respects the night that many fans stopped watching wrestling because at that point many people hated Vince and would never watch his product, that's why they watched WCW. For those who aren't aware on this night the Nitro it was the Night of Champions were every WCW title was defended on this night including the WCW World & United States titles in the same match. You can watch this historic event below "I see it and still cannot believe it"