Over the past few years very few people have been off television longer or more often then Rey Mysterio as he has had issues with staying healthy the last few years and that maybe costing him his job in WWE. I could also be way off with this just saying, but it's quite clear that at this point Rey will not be in a top spot in the company anymore with the reason that he can't stay healthy. As of this writing word has it that Rey only has about three months left on his contract and with it seeming as though WWE is letting him leave because usually they would be attempting to re-sign the guy but that appears to not be the case with Rey.

It's sad because of how long Rey has been with the WWE as he debuted with them in 2003 as highly touted free agent which at the time that is exactly what he was as he had not been signed to an exclusive deal after WCW went out of business. But over the course of the last 11 years Rey has become one of the more recognizable WWE stars on the roster and has held next every title possible in the WWE. Their is however, one part of this I am not mentioning and that is that once Rey's contract expires he will have an opportunity to return to Mexico and with AAA as of their new show on the El Rey Network later this year. Another interesting part of this is that Konnan is a big part of the project and is still close with Rey and if Rey does in fact leave WWE he could end up becoming a big star with them again.


In my opinion it seems as though Rey will be leaving WWE when his contract expires but you have to keep in mind the 90 day No-Compete clause, though I am not sure if it does I believe it does apply to International Bookings as well as bookings in the states. With this being the case I think it would be some what fitting for me to be the first to wish Rey Best of Luck in his future endeavors. I also want to add a big Thank You to Rey for all he has done for the last 11 years to make sure that every time he goes out to the ring he makes sure that every fan gets their moneys worth. I grew up watching Rey and I would love see him continue to wrestle and retire when he is ready, not be forced out by injuries and then after a while maybe Rey can take in my opinion a deserving spot in the WWE Hall of Fame for his achievements and the change he helped bring about in the business as well.