At SummerSlam 2013, WWE ran an event to hype the release of the WWE 2k14 video game, at this event it was the last time Ric Flair had appeared at a WWE event. Since then the Nature Boy had really fallen off the grid in the Wrestling World until now. It was reported earlier today that the Carolina Panthers want Ric on the sidelines for their playoff game next week. Ric has also been advertised for the Old-School Edition of RAW set for tomorrow evening on the USA Network. This will be Ric's first appearance for the WWE since the SummerSlam incident and with that being the case I hope if everything goes well they can put the incident behind them.
Below is an excerpt from a story about the ESPN story regarding the Panthers wanting Flair on the Sidelines for their game:

"Hey boys, it's The Nature Boy Ric Flair calling you live from Atlanta, Ga.," Flair said in the message. "Tonight's the night guys. The New England Patriots are in town. Who cares? It's Carolina Panther time guys. And remember, tonight is the night, and to be the team you've got to be the team.

"Cam Newton, athletic gifts unparalleled. Steve Smith, the baddest man in the NFL. My good buddy Mario, you guys do it tonight. Remember, to be the team, you've got to beat the team. And right now you are the team, and will be all night long. Let's do it guys. Let's have two claps and a Ric Flair WOOOOOOO! Go Panthers. WOOOOOOO!"

Flair, who once wrestled in a tag-team match with former Carolina linebacker Kevin Greene, told he is flattered the Panthers have adopted his battle cry.

"It's awesome!" he said. "I'm a champ brother, so I know a thing or two about celebrating victories! I'm humbled to have achieved that much respect by my hometown team. I really believe the Panthers have the weapons to go all the way."

Florence said he didn't realize Flair lived in Charlotte when he came up with the idea that he borrowed from his high school in Florida. He suggested the "WOOOOOOO" break after the Panthers re-signed him following the second game.

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