As of this writing RVD's current short term contract is set to expire shortly with WWE, but Rob has agreed to work trough Battleground on 10/6. I have heard that RVD's contract is set to expire sometime this week which means he will become a free agent sometime next week. I think that RVD will sign back with WWE soon after his contract expired because of how well the run went. The one thing that might be holding them up from making another contract is Rob as I don't know if he wants to continue full-time or take some time off then come back later on in the year or next year.

Rob re-joined WWE back in July returning at the Money in the Bank PPV as a part of one of the Money in the Bank Matches. Rob had been working for TNA since 2010 prior to returning at Money in the Bank. While apart of TNA, RVD won the World Title & X-Division Titles more recently the X-Division title. In my book I believe RVD needs to prove his naysayers wrong and show that he can still go, also that Working environment makes a big difference.

Well now don't forget to tune in a week from tonight on PPV as RVD locks up with Del Rio for the World Title.