Christopher Daniels


good in the ring

good on the mic


Many people think Daniels is one of the most underrated people in wrestling today and I can't help but agree. Daniels has always had it, and he has showed it now every time he and Kaz go out and they put together entertaining segment or really good matches. Even at age 41 he doesn't show any signs of slowing down as Daniels can still go and give a good match anytime in the ring. If I was TNA I would give him even a short run with the belt just as a reward for 20 years in the business and all the hard work he has done. Daniels has deserved a World title for longer then anyone still active in wrestling but I think time is running out for him to get it let's a look at the title Daniels has won:


Titles Held:


2 times ROH World Tag Team Champions (First ever champion)

1 time ROH World TV Champion

4 time X-Division Champion

2 time TNA World Tag Team Champion

6 times NWA World Tag Team Champions