CM Punk

great on the mic

great in the ring

Best feuds he could have: Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Kenta Kobashi, Chris Daniels, The Shield

One of the best in the WWE an one of the many that have been all over the world from Mexico to travels in Japan to Canada, to every state in the United States putting on show stealer everywhere he has been with the likes of Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Chris Hero, Raven, & Colt Cabana (Scotty Goldman). In the summer of 2005 he signed on with the WWE still competing as the ROH world champion see the connection. In August of that year he lost the title to former WWE superstar James Gibson aka Jamie Knoble.

Punk has said on many occasions that he doesn't want to be forced out he wants to leave on his power and has also he will not be wrestling as long as others have. In my opinion over the last 3 years Punk single handedly brought less interest back to WWE because of his characters. Punk is different from everyone else because of what he accomplished last year becoming the longest reining WWE champion in the last decade. Even though Punk may have his critics who doesn't in WWE.

Nerd Note: Punk's Pepsi Cola tattoo actually has a story behind it and it is when he was in college all his fraternity brothers got tattoos of beer brands so as a joke he got one of a soda brand instead, and it is also one of his signature moves the Pepsi plunge.

Enjoy the Match