AJ Styles-


Decent on the mic

Great in the ring



Below are a list of achievements AJ has mounted during his career:


3 times NWA World Champion

4 times NWA World tag team champion

2 times TNA Legends champion

1 time TNA World Champion

2 times TNA World Tag Team champions

6 time TNA X-Division champion

First Triple Crown winner in TNA

First Grand Slam Champion in TNA

1 time ROH Tag Team Champion

1 time Pure Champion

In my mind AJ Styles is a legend in TNA and it's hard to tell how things would or were he'd be if TNA wasn't here today. Styles like many others helped pave the way for the future of TNA and it was their hard work & dedication to the company that made the company last. Now the company might going through a rough patch but I still believe AJ Styles is still one of if not the hardest working guy in the business. Also even though many say his current storyline is a knock off of a past one, oh well it's wrestling people do angles/storylines over again many times. It's almost like it's apart of the industry to do it.

Next is are two matches highlighting different points in AJ's career: