Chuck Taylor

Good on the mic

Good in the ring


Chuck Taylor is probably one of the most entertaining Wrestlers on the Indy Scene today. He has amazing chemistry with The Colony in Chikara the spot with the Grenade is awesome and the fact they sell it so good is even better. Chuck like a lot of other indy stars have competed in numerous different companies from PWG, Evolve, Chikara, DG USA, CZW & others. His work with The Colony is golden entertainment that I still watch and get a kick out of every so often. Also throught his career Chuck has had a long standing feud with current fellow DG USA superstar Ricochet. From his girlish screams to some of his best matches to him stomping in the corner then stomping the air in the middle of the ring; I can honestly say in my 15 years of watching this sport I have never once seen a man like Chuck Taylor ever before. For that reason and many more I am a big fan of Chuck Taylor's.

Below is a Tribute to Chuckie T or maybe think of it as a video highlighting how good he is & a match: