Kyle O' Reilly

good in the ring

average on the mic

Best Possible Feuds: Bryan, Punk, Jericho, Shamrock, RVD, Kidd

He began his career in ECCW which is a small company up in Canada, there he won the Jr Heavyweight title 3 times in that company. Since then he also appeared in DGUSA, Chikara, PWG, FIP, & other companies throughout the US. The first time he got on major company is in 2009 he debuted with ROH this was the first time he was on Nation wide TV. It wasn't until 3 matches into his ROH career that he won his first match which came at the expense of training partner Tony Kozina. Since Kyle has worked with Adam Cole in a team called Future Shock they took the American Wolves, Kings of Wrestling, & Briscoes to the limit but came up short each time. Now a couple of months ago Kyle & Adam disbanded going their separate ways joining with Davey & Eddie respectively. To clear up any confusion Kyle went with Davey to form Team Ambition & Adam went with Eddie. After splitting with Davey Richards and turning heel, he formed a team with at the time newcomer Bobby Fish, they call them selves ReDragon. If I could say I think they are a very entertaining team and have help Kyle add another layer to his character.

Kyle a talented kid who knows his stuff on the mat and how to use that knowledge to win.  If they play their cards right then Kyle could be the future of ROH or another company somewhere else only being 25 he has a bright future ahead of him.


Below is one of Kyle's better matches in ROH: