Over the last half decade in the Wrestling business not many people can say they were one the best during a particular era, especially in certain time where there was so much talent available. Many people say that during the 1980's was one of the best era's in the history of pro-wrestling because of the amount of talent available and also the amount of success and growth a lot of companies had during this decade. One of the great talents during this time was a Master Psychologist in the ring and a Master on the Microphone as well his name is.......... Jake "The Snake" Roberts. 

Now Jake, has had a great career and on more then one occasion was the top heel/face in a territory or a company. However, Jake had so much success and gained so much popularity in this era without winning a Major World Title. Over the course of Jake's career he has held a few territory World Titles but never was able to win a Major companies World Title because he did need to have the belt to be popular. Below is a match from Jake Robert's past in Wrestling: