When TNA first started the X-division was a corner stone of the company but over the last few years it seems they have lost that aspect of things which something that made them different because they gave a lot of focus to the X-Division unlike most companies. One those people that was founding member of X-division and a key member of the TNA roster disappeared from the company and US wrestling as whole for the last couple of years. But now Low Ki or known as Senshi as well seems to have returned to TNA at least for the time being. Low Ki signed for a short time with WWE but that didn't work out and he ended up back in Japan however, in my opinion the one place in the US that Low Ki has really called home was TNA. In the early stages of TNA Low Ki had great matches with likes of AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Amazing Red, Kid Kash, Americans Most Wanted, and many others. Now it's time to take a trip back in time to when Low Ki was an active member of the TNA roster and see just how good he was: