In this post series we look at less known wrestlers from the past that most people may not remember as a way to let those wrestlers have a moment in the sun one more time and maybe even get remembered. Well this time on Superstar Recall we will be looking back at a very special gimmick wrestler from the late 80's and early 90's in WWE/F named Battle Kat. Now most people may not know who Battle Kat is or was. However, he was one of the more unique gimmick jobber during this period in WWF because he actually wore a cat mask during his matches. His real name is Brady Boone who had some to a very small amount of success as Brady Boone in a couple of territories but most his notoriety likely comes from being a referee after his active wrestling career ended. Brady worked as a ref for the WCW for a few years until is untimely passing in 1999 as a result of a horrific car accident on his way back from a WCW TV Taping. The way I remember Brady is that he had one of if not the most unique gimmick in wrestling history because he dressed up like a cat, which is something not many others can say they've done in their career. Below is some footage of the Battle Kat in action: