For this edition of Superstar Recall we look back at a time in the WWF when Jobbers where come place on WWF Television, but they were regular jobbers they were jobbers with Gimmicks. For all of them from a Garbage man, to a Plumber, to a half man half bull, to a "rockstar", to many many more. 

Speaking of the plumber his name is actually Tony Anthony and he had a decent career before coming to the WWF in various territories as both a singles competitor and a tag team specialist with Len Denton as a part of the Masked Grapplers. But around 1994-1995 WWF hired numerous talents to be jobbers or enhancement talents, the trick was they all had gimmicks. I am going to keep this short because I think this approach help to make 1995 the worst year for business in the WWF's history. Below is footage of one of T.L Hopper's matches in the WWF:


Bart Gunn & Freddy Joe Floyd vs T.L Hopper & Billy Gunn