With Survivor Series right around the corner I think it's to look back at some of the more memorable Suvivor Series in the 25 year history of this Fall Classic. Let's go back now to Survivor Series 98 which was called the Deadly Game this saw a one night tournament for the vacant WWF World Title.

The only two non tournament matches on that show were Sable vs Jacqueline for the Women's Title, & New Age Outlaws vs Henry & D-Lo vs Headbangers for the tag team titles. In these matches Sable won the women's title & the Outlaws retained the Tag Team gold. The show was also big because it saw Mandkind apart of the Corporation with Vince & Shane but then the main event rolled around which saw sort of fan favorite Rock vs tweener Mandkind. Tweener is a guy who is a heel on TV but still gets cheered by the people anyway like when Sting joined the Main Event Mafia. Well with Vince & Shane at ringside at little before the end of the match The Rock puts Mandkind in the sharpshooter then Vince calls for the bell thereby repeating what happened a year ago screwing Mandkind out of the World Title & Rock turning heel. Then Austin comes out and attacks both Mandkind & Rock this night starts two feuds that in my opinion helped WWE win the war with WCW because of the pushes these talents received in the feuds: Austin vs Rock & Mandkind vs Rock.

This day 15 years ago: Feel free to watch the PPV below