This is the return of a series I was thinking about doing where I spotlight particular tag teams from the history of pro-wrestling but I figured instead of going back in time to a team of the past how about staying current with one of the top teams in wrestling today. This team I am talking about is the current TNA World Tag Team Champions, Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards (The Wolves aka The American Wolves). The Wolves began teaming back in ROH, they started teaming back in 2008 as a part of Sweet & Sour Inc. managed by the Late Great Larry Sweeney. Eddie and Davey where not a great team, but great opponents as well stealing the show anytime they were in the ring against one another. The Wolves have won Tag Team titles everywhere they have gone check out a list below: 


2CW Tag Team Champions

Two Time TNA Tag Team Champions 

Two Time ROH Tag Team Champions 

2009 Tag Team of the Year from Wrestling Observer