Last night on RAW the final inductee into this years Hall of Fame class was announced as "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon or Scott Hall. Some people online have taken to voicing their dissatisfaction that Scott is getting inducted as Razor and as Scott Hall. The response I have to those people is that does it really matter what name he is going as or does it matter more that either way Scott Hall the person is going into the Hall of Fame. Either way Scott the man is going into the Hall of Fame and they are honoring him finally beating his demons by giving him this very deserving honor. Scott like another inductee into the Hall of Fame this year Jake Roberts, had been battling his demons for a long time and many thought that if Scott didn't get straight he wouldn't live. Well after a phone from his friends Dallas Page and Jake Roberts who pleaded with Scott to move up to Atlanta so they could help Scott get better and his demons the way Dallas helped Jake Roberts beat his demons. I think this a great story and shows just how good friendship defy the test of time from Dallas Page & Jake Roberts to Scott & Dallas to Scott Hall and Jake Roberts to Sean Waltman & Dallas Page. That last friendship I mentioned because Waltman aka X-Pac aka Syxx was the friend who contact DDP for his help to try and help Scott beat his demons like Dallas did for Jake.


Point is that it doesn't matter what name Scott is going in under whether it be Razor Ramon, Scott Hall or American Starship it doesn't matter point is either way Scott Hall the man will become a Hall of Famer and that is the best thing. Like they are doing for Jake they are honoring both of these guys for the work they did in finally beating the demons that had been troubling them for the past many years, and fortunately unlike many other members of this business both Jake & Scott were lucky enough to get the help and beat their demons once and for all.


Congratulations to the Class of 2014 WWE Hall of Fame: It is a deserving honor for all going (Scott Hall Tribute)