A few weeks ago a rumor came out that TNA Wrestling had rehired their former booker as an advisor to the announce team. You guessed it that the former booker/creative member they rehired was the man himself Mr. Vince Russo. At first many thought that it was just an internet rumor and with Russo denying it from the start until the rumor turned to truth when Russo himself admitted it. Then the wrestling fans tried to figure out why they covered it up, first many people thought that it was because of their partners in Wrestle-1 not liking Russo because of how he has booked foreign talent in the past. But an article was posted last night that disproved the rumor. Below are three excerpts from: 

"In a really strange turn of events, Russo today unwittingly outed himself as a creative consultant for TNA by absentmindedly CC'ing Mike Johnson into a private email between him and TNA announcers Mike Tenay and Taz with confidential information about how he wanted them to do the voice overs for a recently taped episode of Impact. Johnson immediately published the following "gotcha" post on his website gloating about how it proved he was right all along that Russo was working for TNA again"

"The reason why the timing of this news breaking couldn't possibly be worse is that TNA's television contract with Spike TV expires in the autumn and a renewal still hasn't been signed. Clearly the delay in a deal being made suggests that there was already some dissatisfaction in Spike's corner with TNA to begin with and finding out that TNA has been intentionally misleading them regarding Russo isn't going to help TNA's case in getting Impact renewed. Moreover, in order to deceive both Spike TV and the fans, TNA also had to lie to the wrestlers that Vince Russo wasn't a part of the creative process, which, now the cat is out of the bag, will hurt morale further, which was bad enough to begin with, due to all the cost cutting, wrestling in front of empty arenas and uncertainty about the company's future."


More on this story if anymore comes out in the next few days.