Welcome back to The Sideys! The first ever Squared Circle Sideshow year-end awards. Today’s award is…


Feud of the Year

The Feud of the Year award goes to the rivalry that captivated audiences the most in 2010


…and the nominees are:


WWE vs The Nexus

The battle of the rookies vs the company took the entire wrestling world by storm in the Summer of 2010. Never before had a group of wrestler made such an impact, before many in the audience even knew their names.


John Cena vs Wade Barrett

The natural progression of the WWE vs Nexus feud led to these two ring warriors going head to head in a battle for dominance, and respect. It added new layers to John Cena, while at the same time creating a new star in Wade Barrett.


Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money Inc.

When given the ball, these two teams ran it all the way for not one, but five, touchdowns. Their best-of-five series this past Summer shot new life into tag team wrestling.


Undertaker vs Kane

There is no reason that this feud should have been as good as it was. Originally starting OVER A DECADE AGO, Taker and Kane told an almost-Shakesperian tale of family, betrayal, and vengeance.


John Morrison vs Sheamus

Even though it only got started in the later months of the year, Morrison and Sheamus were able to piece together a perfect example of classic wrestling. Here were two guys simply trying to prove who was best, and who in the process proved their worth.


…and the Sidey goes to:


WWE vs The Nexus

No other program in wrestling this year caused as much buzz as this blood feud. The initial attack of the Nexus was unlike anything seen before. Watching the seven original NXT Rookies destroy, not only the WWE Superstars, but the entire ring area was a heart-stopping experience. It’s something that is likely never to be duplicated again. Every Monday night following that first attack was then must-see-TV. Not since the invasion of the NWO has an angle commanded so much attention. The subsequent series of matches had legit big-fight feels. For a moment, it almost felt real. Sure, there were some feuds that may have had more polished matches, or more satisfying endings, but in terms of pure storytelling and audience intrigue, nothing in 2010 topped the rise of The Nexus.


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