Welcome back to The Sideys! The first ever Squared Circle Sideshow year-end awards. Today’s award is…


The What The Hell Happened To Him? Award

The What The Hell Happened To Him? Award goes to the guy who started off 2010 with a bang, and ended it with a whaawhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


…and the nominees are:


Desmond Wolf

From feuding with Kurt Angle, to hanging out with Ric Flair and AJ Styles, to falling into a hole in the ring. Wolfe’s last memorable appearance was as a part of London Brawling with Brutus Magnus, but even that got stopped before it ever started, and he hasn’t been seen since.



For a minute, it looked like Hernandez, along with Matt Morgan, was poised to become the next major player in TNA. Their feud was red hot, and Hernandez came out on top…and then disappeared to Mexico and has yet to come back. 



The fall of MVP was a slow burn. His move to RAW last year really hit the brakes on all of his momentum. Then, when he went back to SmackDown in the latest Draft, the wheels completely fell off. Now he’s gone and it feels like someone finally just took the old dog out of his misery.


Luke Gallows

The former Festus seemed to have found a good role for himself in the Straight Edge Society. Once that group got kyboshed, so did his WWE career. Will he turn back to the “pills” that made him the bumbling bumpkin he once was? Now that he’s been fired, the world may never know.


“Showtime” Percy Watson

Where’d he go? Sure he was only on NXT but he was the 2nd most over character on the show, next to Kaval. He had a great look, a fresh personality, and he was extremely athletic. You would have thought that the WWE could have found room for him on one of the brands.


…and the Sidey goes to:



No one in 2010 had more of start-stop career than Super Mex. He started off the year in line to become a main event babyface. His tag team title run and eventual split from Matt Morgan was intriguing TV, even by TNA’s standards. Unfortunately an injury took him out for a few months but when he came back he was just as hot as ever. After a series of matches with Morgan, Hernandez came out on top, getting revenge on his former partner and putting himself back into the title picture. The crowds were going crazy for the guy. He had a great look, was a solid worker, and had international appeal. He was a “can’t-lose” for TNA. So what did they do? They IMMEDIATELY loaned him out to AAA in Mexico, effectively killing any forward progression he had made. The guy still hasn’t come back to TV and there’s no word on if and when he ever will. It seems really odd that a company would so willingly give away one of their most over talents, but then again, it’s TNA…


Check back tomorrow to see who will take home the Brightest Future Award!