Welcome back to The Sideys! The first ever Squared Circle Sideshow year-end awards. Today’s award is…


Train Wreck of the Year

The Train Wreck of the Year award goes to the most cringe-inducing person, place, or thing in Pro Wrestling in 2010.


…and the nominees are:


WWE NXT Season 3

I don’t think anyone is opposed to an all-female wrestling TV show. But an all-WWE Diva Search show? No bueno. 


Eli Cottonwood

Not since the days of Jackie Gayda and Jon Heidenreich has a more “not-ready-for-primetime” wrestler been featured regularly on TV. Cottonwood was the epitome of size over substance…and his size wasn’t even that impressive.


WWE Character Naming Committee

Husky Harris. Michael McGillicutty. Lucky Cannon. During NXT Season 2, you got the sense that the creative team just stopped caring about creating intriguing characters. Here’s hoping that we see an end to these atrocious monikers before Frumpy Fitzpatrick invades the airwaves.


Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon (WM XXVI)

This match was more about symbolism than actual in-ring action. Everyone knew it would be a sloppy execution but…oof.



‘Nuff said.


…and the Sidey goes to:



From failed ECW, NWO, and Four Horsemen reboots to balancing the fate of the company on the shaky shoulders of an on-trial drug addict, 2010 was a banner year of bad decisions for Total Nonstop Action. As much as they tried, as much money as they spent, as many big names as they brought in, NOTHING could stop TNA from being the crap sandwich that it was over the past 12 months. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have proven their irrelevance, not only in Pro Wrestling, but also in pop-culture. The two don’t matter, and poor little Dixie Carter is finding that out while her company burns. Or is she? If anyone is more out of touch than those two jamooks it’s the President of TNA herself. Who else but her would willingly sit by and watch Bischoff, Hogan, and especially Vince Russo unleash such an unwatchable product? TNA in 2010 was an embarrassment, and 2011 doesn’t look like it will be much better. Kinda makes you long for the days of the Dupp Cup, huh?

Check back tomorrow to see who will take home the Brock Lesnar Memorial Next Big Thing Award!