Welcome back to The Sideys! The first ever Squared Circle Sideshow year-end awards. Today’s award is…


Woman of the Year

The Woman of the Year goes to the Woman who stood out the most and best represented women’s wrestling in 2010.


…and the nominees are:



She was finally given the opportunity to embrace her incredible heritage and display her talent in the ring. So far, it’s paid off!


Velvet Sky

She holds a special place in my heart because I got to work with her on a handful of shows in Virginia. That and, well, you’ve seen how she enters the ring.



To say that these two ran the Women’s division in WWE this year would be an understatement. They had the most exposure, and they unified the women’s titles.


Madison Rayne

She broke away from the Beautiful People and emerged to be a wonderfully hatable heel all on her own. And her matches weren’t terrible either.


Kelly Kelly

She’s just so pretty.


…and the Sidey goes to:



The rise of Nattie Neidhardt was a long time coming in WWE. The return of Bret Hart at the beginning of the year gave her just the boost she needed to really be noticed by the office and the audience. With her family’s legacy it’s hard not to root for her. She’s a great worker too. In a relatively short time she’s been able to move straight to the top of the division, and in the process become the most popular diva since Mickie James. And who could deny her performance in the Tag Team Tables Match with Beth Phoenix and Lay-Cool at TLC. Nattie diving through the table is a moment that will be replayed for years to come.


Check back tomorrow to see who will be named the Wrestler of the Year!