Welcome back to The Sideys! The first ever Squared Circle Sideshow year-end awards. Today’s award is…


Wrestler of the Year

The Wrestler of the Year goes to the wrestler who stood out the most and made the biggest impact in 2010.


…and the nominees are:


Randy Orton

After a long-awaited and organic babyface turn following the demise of Legacy, Orton was given a run at the top of the good guy list, ultimately winning the WWE Championship


The Miz

He was the US Champ, a Tag Team Champ, a Slammy winner, and the WWE Champ. Not to mention, he’s quickly becoming the promotional poster boy for WWE.


John Cena

His spot on the card is untouchable. He’s the face of the company, and in turn the business. Almost all of the PPVs in 2010 revolved around his programs, and more often than not, he delivered.


Wade Barrett

New to the scene in 2010, Wade Barrett made an immediate impact by leading The Nexus on their path of destruction through WWE.



The year started off more or less as it has for a long time for the Big Red Monster, however a career-highlight night at Money In The Bank gave him a long-overdue World Championship, and set him up for the biggest run of his career.


…and the Sidey goes to:



For far too long, Kane was squandered in the midcard of WWE. Once the most intriguing character in the history of the company, Kane, and his career, had become an undeniable disappointment. That all changed in July when he won the SmackDown MITB Ladder Match, and cashed in his title shot later that night. Finally, Kane had reached the main event position that he’d always deserved. Thankfully, he didn’t screw it up. He’s always been a consistent performer, but his promos and matches following his title win were some of the best of his career. His quest to find out who hurt The Undertaker was, although outlandish, wholly compelling thanks to his performances. Once he was finally revealed as the culprit, Kane and The Undertaker had a series of matches that were far better than anyone could have expected them to be. What should have been a groan-worthy rehashing of a decade’s old feud actually turned out be one of the most enjoyable stories in WWE. Kane’s hard work and dedication to the company and his character finally paid off, and he’s rewarded for that by being named Squared Circle Sideshow’s 2010 Wrestler of the Year. (Now somebody go tell him that this website exists).


Check back tomorrow to see the Feud of the Year!