Warrior's Let Him Here it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can be said about the late great Jim Hellwig he was a great man, great father, great entertainer and a great friend to all of the people who had the pleasure to know Jim "Ultimate Warrior" Hellwig. Sadly late Tuesday night Ultimate Warrior collapsed at his hotel in Arizona in the process of walking to the car with his wife and he collapsed he was clutching his chest. Before I continue I wanted extend my deepest condolences to the friends and the family of the Ultimate Warrior, I can only imagine the sadness and shock your are feeling right now, but remember even though he is gone his memory will live on. The scary part of this is that the Warrior was just on Monday Night Raw, two nights ago in what fans are calling his farewell and some even think he knew his time was wearing thin which is why he chose the words he did. But either way I am very happy to see that Ultimate Warrior was able to not only end the feuds with both Hulk Hogan & Vince McMahon but go into the Hall of Fame and also say goodbye the way he wanted to not being forced to do it.


The Ultimate Warrior touched many current superstars lives and was one of the reason some many of them got into the Wrestling business, sadly very many fans of modern wrestling forgot about the Ultimate Warrior because he had been not only gone for so long but quite for so long as well. Now even though I don't really know much about Ultimate Warrior, I do know their will never be some one else like him, and instead of trying to duplicate his promo from Raw I will post it below:


RIP Jim "Ultimate Warrior" Hellwig:

Gone But Never Forgotten!!