On this day in 2000, the Wrestling World lost WWE, WCW and NWA Hall of Famer Gordon Solie died at the age of 71. Solie is probably the most recognizable announcer from the ‘classic’ era of wrestling. He used a calm, intelligent style of commentary seldom seen amongst his peers. He was also famed for pronouncing the word ‘suplex’ as ‘su-play’. Modern fans will best remember him from his time calling WCW matches from 1994-95, though he was involved with the promotion for several years prior to that. He left WCW after a falling out over their Hall of Fame. Randy Savage pushed for his father, Angelo Poffo, to be inducted. Solie opposed the decision, stating that wrestlers should not push themselves or their family members into contention. Solie & Poffo were both inducted in 1995, but Solie had already given his notice & left the promotion. His final announcing job was supposed to be the infamous Heroes of Wrestling PPV, but due to failing health, he never made it. He died of throat cancer at his home in Florida.

RIP Gordon Solie, You May Be Gone but You will never be Forgotten

Tribute to the "Dean of Wrestling Announcer" Gordon Solie 

(credit to Sportskeeda.com