It's hard to believe that 3 years have gone by since the untimely passing of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Today we look back and celebrate the life of a legend of this great business and the impact he had on it that is still felt today. Randy didn't start in wrestling on a full-time basis until 1974 when he began working for his dad Angleo Poffo's promotion called International Championship Wrestling (ICW). Something that some fans may not be aware of is that before Randy came into wrestling full-time he played pro-baseball and was actually on the farm teams of the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox, and Cincinnati Reds. After his father's company fell through the cracks Randy joined CWA where he became a top star in much like he was in his father's promotion. In 1985 Vince Jr. and the WWF came knocking on the door of the Memphis Territory and took Macho Man right from them. 

Many people say that Randy's career didn't really start until he got to the WWF because it was first time he got mainstream exposure of any kind, well those people are the people that don't like to acknowledge the past. Less than a year after entering the WWF, Randy would win his first and only Intercontinental Championship in the process Randy would also amount two count-out wins over World Champion Hulk Hogan. From 1987 to 1989 Randy Savage would become a team with Hulk Hogan the two would be called the Mega Powers. During this time Randy also would win his first WWF World Title at Wrestlemania 4, Randy would go on to hold the title for a little over a year while still teaming together with Hulk Hogan whom he ended up dropping the title after the Mega Powers disbanded when Randy attacked Hulk. After defeating Jim Duggan for the right to be called King, Randy would change his name to the Macho King; he would keep that name for the next two years and would eventually "retire" under that name after losing a retirement match to the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 8. That summer at WWF SummerSlam Randy would have a Wedding with his former valet at the time and I believe current wife Miss Elizabeth. However it was an "attack" of sorts at the wedding party by Jake Roberts that forced Randy to come out of Retirement to defend Elizabeth's honor. During this period Randy's in ring career was slowly coming to a close as he was wrestling less and slowly becoming a commentator for the WWF, his last high profile feud was with Ric Flair over the WWF Title. By 1993 Randy was a commentator on Monday Night Raw and then by 1994, Randy had left the WWF much to the dismay of Vince McMahon; now Randy's departure from the company has attracted controversy over the years, and I will just leave it at that. Randy would arrive in WCW in 1994 and remain under contract with the company until 2000, during his time in WCW Randy would win 4 WCW World Titles and be a member of both the NWO Black and White and NWO Wolfpac. Randy would retire from wrestling in 2005 after a short stint in TNA Wrestling which at the time was called NWA-TNA. 


Sadly Randy would pass away on this day 3 years ago, after suffering a heart attack while driving his jeep. It was later discovered that he had advanced coronary artery disease. No Matter what happened that day either way the wrestling world suffered a grave loss that day as a legend was taken far to soon from this world and I would love to say it will only a matter of time before Randy goes into the Hall of Fame but I don't want to lie to you guys. 


Gone But Never Forgotten 

RIP Randy "Macho Man" Savage 

Snap into a Slim Jim "Ooooo Yeahhhhhh"