I was looking at the site and I thought why not try something sort of new post idea to try and change things up a bit and get something a little different on the site. Well I was scrolling through my news feed I found out that a member of the Fabulous Freebirds Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy would have turned 53 today. Terry sadly passed away back in 2001 when his partying ways finally caught up to him. Now everyone has their favorite from a particular era and even though I didn't grow up in the era still Terry Gordy is one my favorites from the 1980's era because he was so good in the ring for a man his size. I mean he had to have been special because it takes a special kind of athlete to actually debut at the age of only 15 in 1975. 

Known to a lot of fans due to his association with Michael Hayes as a part of Fabulous Freebirds a stable that was a one point the hottest group in wrestling at the peak of their feud with the Von Erich boys. Terry also won numerous tag team titles around the US with Michael Hayes but he had success across the Pacific with former UWF companion "Dr. Death" Steve Williams as the Miracle Violence Connection. With that team they became very big stars in Japan thanks to their ability in the ring and the fact they were able to get over with the native fans. Now for something that not many people are aware about Terry is that he actually had a brief stay in the WWE as The Executioner in the fall of 1996. The Executioner was apart of the Undertaker & Mankind feud which added another twist to their brutal feud, but not many knew it was Gordy because he wore a mask as the Executioner and his stay was short lived as he was gone from WWE prior to the start of 1997. Also not many are aware that Terry Gordy son Ray Gordy was apart of the WWE as Jesse in the Tag Team Jesse & Festus, also later known as Slam Master J. Below is a match from Terry Gordy and A song that Michael Hayes made in tribute to his fallen best friend: (Even though he has been gone for 13 years now still nothing has changed RIP Terry Gordy: Gone but Still Not Forgotten 

Michael Hayes performs Freebird Road: Tribute to Terry Gordy


Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy vs Killer Khan