Ok well I will be honest with you guys and gals right now that I have been wanting to do a post about this for a while now but didn't know what to say and didn't just want to post the video. However, as fan of the wrestling business and as a fan of Daniel Bryan I felt like a I had to post this video because of how awesome it is and how surreal the experience that one little boy was able to have with his favorite WWE star. For those who don't or even don't remember a video surfaced on the internet a month or so ago and it was about this little boy named Connor who was sick and used his wish from the Make A Wish Foundation to meet his favorite WWE superstar Daniel Bryan.

Nobody could have imagined the journey Connor would go on with his new friends from the WWE and the fact that he got to sit front row at Wrestlemania to congratulate Daniel Bryan on his win right after the match is Awesome. As I am typing this I have tears in my eyes and every time I have watched this video I have cried, it's things like this that make me proud to not only be a fan of wrestling but to also a fan of the WWE. Enjoy the Video!!!! (Tissues maybe needed)



RIP Connor "The Crusher" Michalek