Now a numerous number of you may already know about the events that took place yesterday when with TNA and one ex wrestler. For the first time in 11 years AJ Styles is a free agent in the wrestling world. Because of yesterday AJ's contract expired with TNA Wrestling, which means he no longer works for them. AJ was one of the few people still with the company that had been their since day one and now it would be hard to find someone that fit that description. I do believe James Storm maybe the only person who does.

For the last 11 years AJ has embodied TNA Wrestling which is why for a couple of years he was called Mr. TNA. AJ helped build the company into what it became today and I think it is very sad that couldn't reach an agreement for whatever reason. Because I believe AJ was like the heart of the company and now well I guess this means nobody is safe from the "roster cuts."

Either way there is no doubting that AJ Styles is a legend in TNA and had one heck of a career with them. Also I don't know about you but it will be very strange for me not to see AJ on Impact anymore and to see him appearing somewhere else. Before anyone jumps to conclusions I don't mean WWE as they aren't interested in AJ, I just mean another company. Below is a video tribute to AJ's time in TNA Wrestling: Thank AJ and we wish the best in all your future endeavors