Striking while the iron is hot more news on the possible sale of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to right now an unnamed buyer. As of this writing there seems to be one very interested party in buying the company, it is said they are someone fans would know, but also may come off as a surprise to some. The potential buyer also has a lot of money behind them, this could either mean the potential buyer is "Rich" or has financial backers.

There are also rumblings of an unnamed celebrity that has also shown interest in buying TNA, but a name was not given. Country Music star and former member of the band Big and Rich, also the winner of Celebrity Apprentice Season 11: John Rich. Also mentioned as a possible suitor The Wilpon Family who were interested in opening their own company back in 2011. For those who may not know who The Wilpon Family is they are the owners of the New York Mets baseball team.


Things are getting interesting with sale of this company hopefully I will get more information as soon as it becomes available. The part about the celebrity is a rumor and take it as a grain of salt.