On the most recent edition of Jim Ross's podcast called the Ross Report, his guest was the "Olympic Gold Medalist" and TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. On this edition of the podcast one of the topics Kurt discussed was his contract status with TNA. Kurt said that TNA did make him another offer however he turned them down, Angle says he feels like his next wrestling contact will be his last. He continued to say "He going to really need to think about what that means to him and who he signs with."

Kurt for lack of a better has done wonders for TNA over the years which is why they put him in their Hall of Fame last year. But at this point in Kurt's career bearing in mind the health of his neck and now the health of his knees, how much longer can he really go. Kurt has done a lot more in the business the most people may have thought he would have done when he debuted in 1998 at Survivor Series. I also think it's possible that Kurt may not even pass the medical testing WWE requires now for all active competitors that wrestle for them. In my honest opinion it doesn't matter where ends up if it's in WWE, GFW, TNA or Japan. Either way Kurt will give it his all and make sure the fans get their monies worth because that's how he's been his entire career. 


Let the countdown begin The Decision 2: Where will Kurt Angle finish his Great, Hall of Fame worthy career in Wrestling: