I just found out something that would sort of qualify as breaking news from TNA Wrestling and it is not the company has finally decided to close up shop and go out of business at least not yet. My apologies just had to throw in the joke, actually it's sort of good news for those who don't like the 4 sided ring in TNA and that is during their NYC tapings they might changing the ring. On Impactwrestling.com (Link is provided right to the poll) they are running a poll allowing the fans to decide apparently which ring they will use starting at the NYC and after those tapings. I have to admit that it is good to see TNA trying very hard to make these tapings special and a big success as they try to show Spike they deserve another contract. 


As I always say the only way to know for sure what will happen not only at these tapings but for the future of TNA wrestling, we will have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully enough of you are game to along for the ride.