TNA- Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling

this company has been around for 11 years at this point and has had a television deal with Spike TV since 2005. TNA like many companies has had really good years business wise 2002-2005 they were the alternative which made them different and able to do stable business. Things sort of tailed of in 2006 & 2007 but by far at least I think in 2008 TNA had their best year. Also this was the year they had based on hype the best match in TNA history Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe. After 2008 things have just been a seesaw for TNA and the fans who have chosen to believe in the company and those who run it.

Last night in San Diego, CA live from the Viejas Arena, TNA held their biggest ppv of the year which is Bound for Glory. I have heard TNA didn't draw very well at the event which is not only a bad sign but also very depressing for TNA & the fans. Looking at a live photo from last night it is not hard to tell that the turnout was below what they should have expected. Even worse in some matches faces were booed and the future of the company got zero reaction. Which should give TNA an indication they made a mistake and maybe a certain superstar isn't ready if he can't connect with the fans. (

The reason I think for TNA's lacking attendance numbers is not anyones fault but it is the result of money issues, because they should be spending more money on product awareness. In my opinion TNA needs to be spending more money creating awareness for the brand and the company rather then just depending on the names like Hulk Hogan, Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Sting, Kurt Angle, etc to do it for them. If they can't do this the future seems bleak for TNA and it will hurt the fans, the wrestling business, & the wrestlers if TNA goes under.