As of this writing Kurt Angle was suppose to have knee surgery sometime in the month of January but because of certain people either leaving or being unable to travel he had to put it off. To go on tour because he was the biggest name left in the company for the tour. So at the Glasgow tapings Kurt was beaten up with chair to be written off the show for a bit. But then at the Manchester tapings Kurt was told he was going to do a run in during a segment. Even though he had just been written off TV they still had him in the plan to do a run-in. Well when Kurt caught wind of this he was pissed and for good reasons, he ended up having an argument with John Gaburick who is an executive in the company.

I can tell you that nothing more came of this as Kurt ended up not being used on the show and then returned at the London Tapings for his Hall of Fame induction. Also to push his angle with Ethan Carter which seems to be his feud going into Lockdown. Right now it seems like TNA wants Kurt to work through the knee injury until Lockdown. I am unaware the severity of the injury but either way I hope Kurt stays protected and TNA doesn't push him to hard. I will also say that losing him could be a disaster for TNA if they don't have another face outside of Jeff Hardy & Joe to take the slack left behind.