Everyone has heard about the money issues that have troubled TNA Wrestlers & Management for most of this year and the same money troubles that have seen numerous former top stars leave the company. However, I not doing this to complain about the wrestlers leaving, financial issues or even how they are reverting back to the old booking style. I am doing this to talk about the fact that TNA Production was angry at the company because TNA was behind on the pay for the production crew. The production crew was angry enough that if TNA didn't pay them before a certain point the crew would collectively walk out on a taping. TNA management believe the threats of a walk out enough to make sure every member of the production crew got their overdue wages. Also there was a 24 hour period were things were very tense backstage for the company. 


Look I like every wrestling fan would love to see TNA succeed but it get's to a point were you have to say how many times can we get are hopes up only to have them broken once again. Which is something TNA has done numerous times and it has caused numerous fans to lose faith in the company and lose faith in the idea that things will get better. Did things change for the better when Hogan and Bischoff left, absolutely because they admitted failure and moved forward, but it seems like they are stuck in a financial rut and stuck in a period of having to actually make new stars which something they should have started doing a long time ago. 

To speak on the almost walk out from the production crew for a second, I'll keep it short as I want to say is that this is sad because wanting talent to take pay cuts is one thing but not being able to pay your employees is a whole different monster. They should be embarrassed for themselves that they almost caused a strike of their production crew because of late wages. Really I mean if you have to many people staffed, sadly you might have to let people go or maybe whoever is doing payroll needs some help getting it to the employees, because this shouldn't happen without a legitimate and credible reason why it did. I feel bad for the production crew and I feel even worse for TNA because even though people say there is no such thing as bad publicity, well they lied as this totally bad publicity. 


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