Over the last several weeks numerous names have been linked to possibly purchasing TNA wrestling but nothing has come of it just yet. TNA management is denying intent to sell the company but aren't denying that they are looking for potential buyers which is what I have been saying. I will not be mentioning the names of TNA executives who tried to squash the rumors of the potential sale, but what I will say is that a certain memo was just damage control trying to protect anything else from leaking out. Also just to clarify I have never said that they are definitely selling the company all I have said is they are looking for potential buyers for the company.

The newest tidbit of information is that WWE officials are paying more attention to the possible sale of TNA then one could imagine. The reason they are is simple and it has nothing do with them purchasing TNA because they know doing that will do more harm then good. They are just curious know who desires to buy it & what the status will be of some of their stars namely Sting. With that being said any talk of WWE purchasing TNA is almost totally dead because of this report. Remember none of these updates have said anything about the company being sold as done deal or mentioned a definite possible suitor, because none of that information is available because TNA is trying to keep the process a secret.