As you all may remember a very popular topic late last year was the rumors going around that TNA Wrestling was going to be sold to the highest bidder. That left numerous fans & other sites speculating about who the possible buyer could be. Well we finally found out and for those who don't know the highest bidder or should I say bidders was Toby Keith & Jeff Jarrett. The reason they don't own TNA and the Carter's still do is a simple reason that is because Toby & Jeff didn't want any creative limitations when buying the company; the limitations were that one of the conditions of the sale was that Dixie would remain as President on TV and would retain some power as well. That condition caused the deal to fall through and it was then Toby & Jeff realized that they could make a new company from the ground up and do it their way.

So after months of speculation and then nothing new happening we find out that Toby Keith & Jeff Jarrett were very close to purchasing the company but the deal fell through late last year. Also this deal fall through was one of the many factors or could have been the only factor that lead to Double J leaving the company he founded. Something else we found out because of this news is that the project Jeff is working it is looking more and more that he is in the process of making a new wrestling company. I for one am excited about it because Jeff could be numerous steps ahead with this company then he was when he started TNA & he should know what mistakes not to make this time.

Even though it seems as though Jeff & Toby Keith will be partnering together to make a new company any further details about this is unknown at this point I think we will find out more after Wrestlemania is over, but little things like this will come out on the road to what the project is and what the name of said project is. Stay Tuned!