For an extend period of time recently TV Contracts for both WWE and TNA Wrestling have been in more ways then one the talk of the wrestling industry, because of the changes that would come out of a new TV contract or not having a TV contract for each company. Now as everyone knows or as most know WWE has re-signed with NBC Universal which means both RAW and Smackdown will remain on USA Network & Sy-Fy Network respectively. However, as of this writing TNA Wrestling has yet to re-sign with Spike TV, which to some may not be a shock because of the dip in ratings TNA has seen over the last few months. Also TNA still has time to re-sign with Spike as their contract doesn't expire with Spike until October of this year. Some officials think that Spike asking for TNA's presence at the Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards over the weekend is a good sign in their current contract negotiations.

I love wrestling as much as the next guy but from the lack of consistent ratings TNA has been drawing as well as the lack of consistent viewers TNA has been drawing one might be better off to say that Spike should think long and hard if TNA is irreplaceable as a show. It's not that I am saying TNA should or shouldn't go out of business, because they are another company on television which gives wrestlers in the business good exposure on National TV. However, one has to assume that Spike's patience with the company can't at a good place if they haven't signed them back yet. If I was a member of Spike's Staff and I had a say in the matter of wether or not TNA would come back in the fall I would give a condition in the contract of an opt-out clause after a year. Which would say that if TNA's viewers and ratings don't stay above a certain amount for certain amount of time or if the numbers drop for a TBD amount of time that TNA could be booted off of Spike TV for not following the terms of the contract. That won't happen but that's just my thoughts on the situation.