As of this writing it seems like the cost cutting in TNA is continuing and also the fact that now they are focusing the young who has never gotten a push on National television before so more people could be leaving. At last word it seems as though once Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian's current contracts expire with the company in April they appear to be finished with TNA. Some within the company feel as though Daniels & Kaz may have made their last appearance for thee company when they fought in the 6 man tag match at Lockdown last week. To further that idea neither Kaz or Daniels were seen at the companies most recent set of television tapings which could also be leading some officials to believe the team formerly called Bad Influence is finished with TNA.

Seeing Kaz & Daniels leaving TNA is disappointing and I will tell you why, it is because TNA's tag team division has gotten very weak now as they just broke up Storm & Gunner and now they are letting Kaz & Daniels go so their goes another team. It appears with their current contracts expiring both Daniels and Kaz are said to be looking for bookings outside of TNA as they have been added to the Wrestlecon event over Wrestlemania weekend.


I think this is a poor decision on TNA's part because Daniels & Kaz are established stars who can still go which is the total opposite of most of the other established stars that TNA has had. I think TNA needs to be cautious with the gimmicks and the position they put certain new stars into, because if the people don't know who you are that makes it harder for them to invest into a guy when they have no idea who he is. Gimmick wise I think it's that they should watch to not give people to similar gimmicks and please just stay away from parodies of others in the wrestling industry because very rarely work well. The reset has been good but they need to make the right decision and show the fans they have changed and not just say they have changed but still do what they used to do. I think it might to late and sadly TNA might be just on borrowed time but who knows we just have wait and see.