Over the last few months the rumors have been circulating regarding the current status of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV. Impact Wrestling is the flagship show for TNA Wrestling since 2005 when TNA first debuted on Spike TV. Now the news has broke that Spike TV isn't renewing the pro-wrestling company, however Spike decided to renew TNA until the end of 2014 as way for them to get time to find a new TV contract somewhere else. It has been said that the reason why Spike didn't renew TNA is just basically they want out of the pro-wrestling game and they are being nice to TNA by letting them stay on the channel while looking for a new deal. 

Well the news just broke a couple of days ago that TNA does in fact have an offer on the table from the Discovery Channel's network Velocity. However, it is said that the deal is a lot lower then what they were making with Spike and they would be featured in only around 48 million homes as oppose to 98 million on Spike. Though TNA is said to be viewing this as the "worst case scenario" I think they should just take what they might be able to get and understand that they don't exactly have a lot of leverage in their corner. But at least this should me the health of the wrestling business will be safe for at least another couple of months depending on how the TV contract negotiations go for TNA.



I would also like to wish TNA the best of luck in finding a deal, because though I am much of a fan of their's anymore the last the wrestling business needs is to loss TNA right now. Best of Luck TNA!!!