A couple of weeks I delivered my final update on two topics regarding TNA, one was AJ Styles status with the company, and the other was the sale of the company. I said that I would only post again about either if new information came out about either topic well both topics have new information.

First the sale of TNA long story short if I had to take a guess I would say the company isn't going to get sold at this point. Even though people maybe in the running to purchase the company I still don't think it will be sold right now. But the newest name said to be in the running to purchase the company is Country Music Superstar Toby Keith!!!! Toby is the richest man in Nashville right now as some people so I think if anyone could buy it and give the Carter's a fair price for it's Toby. I think it would be interesting to see Toby running TNA but then I think he would need to bring in people who know wrestling better then he may to help him. Also Toby is like numerous other celebrities that are known wrestling fans. He has even made an appearance for TNA back in 2002 at the Gauntlet for the Gold.

Now an update AJ Styles current status well in the wrestling world, as of right now AJ continues to take dates on the Independents as most recently he signed to return to ROH. That I think will be one of the biggest returns for ROH ever because of who AJ is and what he could do for ROH. But as of this writing negotiations with TNA Wrestling have fallen between the parties and it doesn't seem as though AJ will be returning anytime soon to TNA.