The picture above is that of a recent TNA House Show, as you can see the arena is empty for the most part. Now I will try and not bash TNA to much in this post as I will attempt to keep this post as professional as possible. Because like numerous other fans of wrestling some may not want to admit it but I am a fan of TNA and have been since there days on Fox Sports. Look I am not going to say getting of Dixie is the answer and would help solve all of TNA's problems, because I don't think it will. I know most fans are very quick to blame Dixie for the lack of success TNA has had but it's not all her fault. I think the may reason is she is depending on certain wrestlers who aren't/weren't what they use to be both creatively and in-ring. This is the second time in a very short amount of time that TNA has a very poor turn out at a show the last one that comes to mind is Bound For Glory & pictures that surfaced showing the attendance at the show. Below are some things that I believe have gone wrong for TNA and then I will mention in my mind how I think they could fix it:

  1. Dependent on Ex-WWE Talents
  2. Lack of a different creative direction from WWE
  3. To Similar to WWE

In my book TNA should go back to doing what worked for them and that was being the alternative to WWE and not trying to be like WWE. Which I think is the worse thing you can do because nobody can out-due Vince as he is a genius and has perfected the way his company operates. TNA looks like WCW back in the early to mid 90's before they struck it big, the only difference is during that time WCW was new, and at this time TNA isn't. The Authority with a Heel World Champion, who just won a Unification Match doesn't that sound familiar. I am well aware companies recycle each others storylines but not when they are doing said storyline other wise you risk being seen as second rate. That is how one can describe TNA to me they are Second Rate. Though they have gotten new talent like the American Wolves it doesn't matter because even though Davey & Eddie are real good talents they will not save TNA.

In the end I don't think a change in power will help TNA, but it also won't hurt though it depends on where you change the power is. Because a new head booker could do wonders but it depends on who it is and their view on the company. Also I just thought I should through in the fact that the Founder Left The Company!!!!!! Something must be wrong if the guy who made the company can say he is finished with the company. Jeff Jarrett made TNA and help get it where it is today and he can walk away, that to me is a red flag.

I can say one thing for sure and that is the company will not get sold. Even after all the rumors and a whose who of rumored suitors the company is staying with The Carter's. But what I can't say is if I think TNA will be in business at this time next year because I think they may not be. But the only thing us fans can do is try to enjoy the ride and play a waiting game with the company to see if things turn for the better or totally collapse.